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Exclude mac resource forks

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:10 am
by macmac1
1. I used the default Archive utility in macos 10.12 to create a zip archive. When I opened the archive in Windows 10, the archive contained a folder _MACOSX, which is normal.
2. I used Keka to create the same zip archive. However, the zip file did not contain the _MACOSX folder, regardless of whether the option “Exclude mac resource forks” was enabled or disabled. When “Exclude mac resource forks” is disabled, shouldn’t the archive contain the _MACOSX folder? What is the function of “Exclude mac resource forks?”


Re: Exclude mac resource forks

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:48 am
by aone
Due to the compressor used in Keka, the _MACOSX and its inside forks are never stored. This might change in the future, at least for zip format.

The exclude option excludes all of this files and patterns if present:
  • .DS_Store
  • .localized
  • ._*
  • .FBC*
  • .Spotlight-V100
  • .Trash
  • .Trashes
  • .background
  • .TemporaryItems
  • .fseventsd
  • .VolumeIcon.icns