Feature request: Remembering passwords

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I know Keka
I know Keka
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Feature request: Remembering passwords

Post by GJP » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:06 pm


I've used Keka sporadically mainly when I've needed access to 7Z files.

But I have a new requirement that I've been investigating relating to easily compressing and encrypting files and Keka works brilliantly - dropping the file on and having that file encrypted is fantastic from a workflow perspective.

The one downside to it is that you have to enter the password each time you start the application. It would be great if there was the ability of remembering the password (store it securely in the keychain, etc) so that it didn't need to be entered each time. Or have it so that there is a default encryption password applied (eg have it defined in the preferences, and then have a radio box / tick box with "Use default password" - if on grey out the password entry boxes, or when it's off, behave as it does normally.

I fully understand the risks of this - I know people will claim its a potential security hole because if someone has access to your computer they can access the default encryption key and decrypt the documents. Absolutely 100% agree that this is the case, but it's up to the user to determine their security risk settings.

Of course the counter argument is that having to enter a password each time you start Keka means you start to use short easy to remember passwords, rather than setting long random passwords. Realistically most people don't encrypt every different file with a different password (it's a logistical nightmare keeping track of them) - of course it certainly does happen occasionally when transferring data to someone externally where you want to give them, but in my usage cases, these are being stored on a hosted web based service and the reason for encrypting them is to make sure no one else but me can get access to the contents if that site is breached.

Thanks for your consideration.
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Mr. Keka
Mr. Keka
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Re: Feature request: Remembering passwords

Post by aone » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:38 pm

This is a must GJP. Here is the ticket to follow the status of this enhancement: http://trac.kekaosx.com/ticket/30
aone ~
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